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Get Involved and See What Harmony Has to Offer

Our Wednesday Night Bible Study guides you purposefully through the Bible, book by book, studying key messages and major themes; but it isn't intended to be a solo journey.  The Bible teaches us - beginning with the example of Jesus and His disciples - that the study of God's Word among brothers and sisters in Christ provides inestimable encouragement, direction and growth.

" Spiritual transformation has been described as long obedience in the same direction "

Since God created us to love one another, we are hardwired to crave fellowship, so we work diligently to help you find a desire for spiritual growth and development.  Our Bible Fellowships and Midweek Bible Studies provide numerous opportunities to find the right circle for you.  No one stands alone at Harmony.

Bible Fellowships

We have a Bible Fellowship for you regardless of marital status or age, regardless of whether you are just beginning to explore Christ's claims or have been a Christ follower for a long time we can help you find the right group.