Kambou Pokiné : Region Koutouba

The church he is responsible for is: Koutouba with an attendance of 78 worshipers.
Churches to being planted with attendance :
- Mango : 17 
- Teto : 09 
- Farako : 16 
-Kaltoudouo - 38 

Koutouba with a staff of 78 followers.

Mango: 12 followers



Prayer Points
a. Threats and intimidation to the believers from Mango due to the conversion of a former Muslim named Adama .
b . Prayer for the beginning of the establishment of a church in Kaltoudouo
c . Prayer that God will lead me and my family in this ministry

At Mango , threats of village secretary are serious. Can no longer continue worship in the school premises.  We requested a space on which we will make a shelter for our services . Here is the reaction of the secretary '' no church will be established here as long as I'm here.  After this reaction, Mr BRUNO who was accused of abandoning his mother to become a Christian , had a lively discussion with him. After this discussion , Mr. BRUNO felt weak and disappointed because without his consent we will never have land for the construction of any place of worship.
Some even believe we are in the process of dividing the community that was so peaceful. But we do not despair because we are convinced that God is at work .