Location of ministry: Koutouba


Mango Christians are still being persecuted by village officials. Because of this, the place of prayer was moved 1 km in a neighboring village. This persecution has discouraged some but others are more determined to persevere with Christ. Lessons are given to believers to understand that the persecution is one of the trials that await all Christians around the world and of all time.

Two Churches were built at Koutouba and Kaltoudouo. The Koutouba building is awaiting installation of the roof but the funds for further work are not yet found. As for the church built in Kaltoudouo, the building was hit by rain water because it was built in the ground and had to cover a roof to avoid losing it. We are not discouraged and are rebuilding this house.

Praise Items:
- My Wife and I say thank you to our partners for their financial support.
-Thank God for the health He gives my family and myself.
- Thank the Lord for the spiritual growth of church leaders.
- I praise the Lord for the good witness of Christians in the village.
God be blessed for the favor he made to farmers by giving them a good harvest.

- God strengthen the faith of the church's faithful.
- Need A new motor bike for work in the region.
-That God continues to work among us so that we have more baptized in the church.
- May God grant peace to the Ivory Coast at the approach of the general elections. (done and 
and successful)
-That God puts in our path of people who crave to hear the Gospel.