Noufé Silas : Region Panzanani and Bouna

Churches under the responsibility of Silas and attendance:
- Panzarani 90 
- Natadouo : 22 
- Bayana : 14 
- Bouna 61 
The ministry at Bouna

Panzarani: 77 followers

Natadouo: 20 followers

Bayana: 13 followers

Bouna: 52 followers

Thank you to Pastor Cousineau for its financial support for financial help in making benches for the church and for his donation of for the equipment for Holy Communion .

1 . Pray that God gives me the wisdom to lead churches that are under my responsibility.
2 . Pray for the spiritual growth of believers in churches.
3 . Pray for health of my wife. She has hip pain that persists .





 30 years ago, I was a girl . One day in the village of Wounakoudouo , there was a gentleman named Faabinin who was to install one of the great fetish called '' '' bour . These ceremonies turn into a big party and a real trade show.

During this ceremony, I made a total of CFA 6000F.  When I got home I gave it to my father who kept in a safe place.

When I grew up, I got married . And one day , my grandfather died. After the funeral, I got sick . My dad went to see a fetisher and he told him that the money I picked up was a fetish somehow; therefore it must be installed . For installation I had to offer a bull, 10 chickens and yams . Not having the financial means to install it I decided to join the group of Christians that is in my village. Ironically, the day that Christians came to burn my favorite is the same day that Mr. Faabinin , the man at the party where I was going and I picked up the money  died.

Now I am cured when I joined the group Christian.