Location of ministry: Bouna


The work in the Second Free Will Baptist Church in Bouna called Temple Shilo.

Training is launched to make disciples in all sectors of the church for its proper functioning.

A Bayana, with the help 1040i, we raised the roof of the temple in last February. We started to make bricks to build the walls.



I grew up in a pagan family and from an early age I was married to a man who does not know God. In my village there were Christians who came to evangelize and sometimes make vigils and prayers. They talked about Jesus.

But when the pastor came with the program settlement movement churches MIE 1040, he took me to give myself to the Lord. This is the Pastor Silas allowing my life to be changed by Jesus Christ. Jesus is the one that leads me now. Therefore I thank him very much for his program.


Praise Items:

-Thanks to God for His support of the church

- God’s support of my family

-The Number of people from prayer meetings nightly

- Planting of a new church in the community of Niandegué

- I thank God for my children's school results



-That God would raise up many workers among us

-That God's hand of protection is on those on vacation

-Three Evangelistic campaigns in September are scheduled

-The Health of my family

- Financial help of God for the education of children

-The Numerical and spiritual growth of church members.