Ministries At Harmony

"There's a ministry at Harmony that needs you."

Since God created us to love one another, we are We sing, we pray, we play basketball, we study the Bible. Wait a minute - basketball? Indeed! Ministries are where people come face-to-face, breaking down barriers and preconceived notions that churches - and Christians - are unfriendly or overbearing. The ministries at Harmony strengthen the church family and reach out to the community according to the gifts and abilities God has given each one of us. So whether you have the musical talent to play in the praise band or you can score three-pointers in a pick-up game, every step you take in the Lord's service is ministry. And whatever your talents or interests may be, there's a ministry at Harmony  that needs you.


The other side to ministry is need. Perhaps you're feeling defeated by a situation or despairing over a struggle with no end in sight. As a church family, we have endured rocky marriages, unplanned pregnancies, emotional trauma, financial devastation and countless, untold troubles together. Whatever you're up against, Harmony has a ministry that's ready to help you, love you, and be there for you to lean on for hope and healing.

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