What's The Next Step at Harmony


The Creator of the Universe gave the Church the incredible privilege of letting others know of the forgiveness, grace and new life that is offered to us in Jesus Christ. It's a message we are to spread not just through our words, but also through our actions - in how we live live and love others. There are times when the Church across history has done this well and times when it has failed significantly. Our heart at Harmony is to follow this call well - to extend the incredible news of Christ through our words and actions. As we do that by God's strength, we hope to lead as many as possible in the joy of passionately following Jesus. Do you ever look around Harmony Church and wonder what's next? If so, then join us for Foundations. This orientation will provide an overview of our mission, strategy, beliefs, environments and help you determine your best next step. If you are new to Harmony or you are looking for ways to get connected, then Foundations is for you!