Married and Young Adults Bible Fellowship

Helping Young Adults Find Bible Truths

"The Building Blocks of Marriage is about connecting with one another to build friendships and a supportive community--a community where couples can be encouraged and grow strong in their marriage as well as their walk with God"

We are a fellowship of young adults who want to grow strong in their walk with the Lord as well as in their marriages.  The topic's that are taught on are relevant to this stage of life and include both marriage and general Christian/Biblical area's of growth. If you are engaged, newly married or married with young children, this class has been created with you in mind.

At Harmony, we desire to be followers of Christ, gathering in community around the Word of God and in prayer, seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit and his fruit, that we may share the love and good news of Christ to our neighbors, community and world. In short, we seek to develop disciples of Jesus Christ

The Young Adult Fellowship at Harmony is a ministry geared towards people in their 20's & 30's. The vision of the ministry is to provide a place where we can grow in our faith together, serve together and hang out together as we face this unique stage of life.